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Bathroom Advisor - TIMELESS SOFTNESS  - Marble
Bathroom Advisor- Timeless Softness - Toilet
Bathroom  Advisor - Timeless Softness - Perspective
Timeless Softness-Bathroom Advisor-bird view
Bathroom Advisor - Timeless Softness - Plant

Timeless Softness

From Italy came Serena’s project and our Bathroom Advisor team got inspired by all the wonderful things this beautiful country has to show us. Serena selected only one true favourite for this renovation: marble. So, our priority was to capture the essentials of this refined and pure material to transform this bathroom into a timeless and soft space.

We chose Marble Tortora for its indulgent and delicate colour, that allows to create a very distinct and authentic space. Our team decided to apply this colour both on walls and floors and because the space has no natural light entrance, we needed a solution to brighten this bathroom, so the other walls were covered with Marble Cream.

But it’s the shower area that stands out from everything else. The Marble Curl structure captivates the eye, by giving both movement and depth to the space. For the last touch of a modern feel, all the decors and details were punctuated in gold, that matches perfectly and effortlessly with a classic and timeless ceramic.


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