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See all the Love Tiles product certifications that attest to the quality, reliability and performance of its products.


    UPEC is a product certification issued by the French institution CSTB, verifying the technical suitability of the products related to their intended use.

    CSTB UPEC – Love Tiles Products CSTB UPEC F+ – Love Tiles Products

    GREENGUARD certifies products that guarantee the highest standards of air quality in indoor environments. All porcelain stoneware and laminated stoneware of Love Tiles collections have obtained GREENGUARD GOLD certification, i.e. the UL standard with the strictest VOC emission limits, and are therefore able to ensure that they are as healthy as possible for the people who use and inhabit these environments. They can therefore be used in environments such as schools and health facilities, attended by sensitive individuals such as children and the elderly. GREENGUARD GOLD is a widely recognised certification required by sustainable building programmes and design and construction regulations around the world, such as LEED (international) and BREEAM (UK).

    UL - Love Tiles Products
  • Protect

    Our floor and wall coverings incorporate Microban® technology, the world’s leading antimicrobial technology, to guarantee, besides beauty and durability of our ceramic products, biological safety for our living, leisure and working environments.

    - POWERFUL ACTION - eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria
    The technology used in PROTECT® products, based on silver ions, blocks the metabolism of bacteria and helps prevent their growth and reproduction on the treated surface.

    - CONTINUOUS PROTECTION - 24 hours a day
    Unlike other technologies, such as those based on the use of Titanium Dioxide, the protective shield is always active, day and night, with or without sunlight and it does not need UV rays for activation.

    - ETERNAL EFFECTIVENESS thanks to technology integrated into the product
    Silver ions, permanently integrated into the tile at the moment of firing, are active throughout the life cycle of the product and always guarantee a high level of protection between cleaning operations.

    - GUARANTEED QUALITY by the partnership with Microban®
    PROTECT® is guaranteed by the partnership with Microban®, the world’s leading company in the use of antimicrobial technology applied to numerous sectors and products. Furthermore it complies with international safety regulations and it is tested by specialized independent laboratories.

    Protect Love Tiles Catalogue See collections
  •  DAP HABITAT Love Tiles

    The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) transparently communicates the environmental performance of Love Tiles products, based on a life cycle assessment (LCA). Love Tiles products have a specific, type III EPD, certified by an independent third party according to the standards NP ISO 14025:2009 and EN 15804 (reference PCR). Products with certified EPD are required by the main certifying bodies in construction, such as LEED (international), BREEAM (England), HQE (France) and DGNB (Germany), as well as in Portugal under legal tools (green public procurement). It is a voluntary certification, which further enhances the value of Love Tiles products, produced according to high normative standards of sustainability and responsibility.

    EPD - Single Fired Wall Tiles EPD - Glazed Porcelain
  • Marcação CE

    The CE mark is a safety certification required by the European Union with the intention of safeguarding health and safety.

    DOP – Single Fired Wall Tiles - LOVE TILES DOP - Glazed Porcelain - LOVE TILES

    Product certification is the attestation given by CERTIF based on a decision resulting from an analysis, which proves that a product's compliance with the specified requirements has been demonstrated.

    CERTIF - Single Fired Wall Tiles Products - Love Tiles CERTIF - Glazed Porcelain -Love Tiles Certif - Full Colour Body Porcelain - Love Tiles
  • GOST-R

    GOST-R certification means that all products meet the requirements of Russian quality and security directives.

  • CCC (China Compulsory Product Certification)

    CCC certificate (China Compulsory Product Certification) testifies product conformity in accordance with Chinese government directives and technical specifications.

  • SASO

    SASO Quality Mark (QM) certificate testifies product conformity with the directives and technical specifications covered by Saso, Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality.



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