365 Days of Love sets the reopening of Lisbon showroom


365 Days of Love sets the reopening of Lisbon showroom

Under the motto “365 Days of Love”, Love Tiles presented its newest collections through two distinct concepts: business and residential. The atelier Spacemakers created several spaces that turn the visit to the showroom into a sensorial experience, stimulating the 5 senses of the visitors in the environments that he/she feels during the year, providing a unique experience.
Ana Proença and Célia Mestre, the “Spacemakers”, took the opportunity to present the newest Love Tiles collections: Dawn and Marble.
In the residential concept of the project, it’s been valued the dynamic between the common references of an ordinary house and the surprise effect caused by the several aspects of each detail. On the other hand, the pursuit of colours, materials and finishing balance provides it singularity, magnificence and comfort.
The concept of interior design used in the hotel tried to answer the expectations of a more a more demanding consumer, where he/she can enjoy a very different interaction with the space.


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