Let’s Escape: the new getaway in Lisbon


Let’s Escape: the new getaway in Lisbon

This time, the invitation went to Catherine Cabral Interiors atelier. Using the brand newest collection, inspired in concrete and wood, this was one of the most challenging moments for the interior designer: “it is very challenging to do a space that only has ceramic. It goes beyond normal laying, because we have to show the product and think like a typical Love Tiles client. It’s to think out of the box.”

The designer showed an escaping routine concept and brought to life two complementary spaces: Escape In and Escape Out. The premise was that we all need a perfect getaway, a space of our own and where we can escape, and the two spaces complement and alternate between each other. On one side, Escape In is the perfect escape to the city in a permanent search for balance, comfort and elegance. On the other side, Escape Out is a place outside the city. We move away heading to the countryside or a beach serenity, with earth and wood natural tones.


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