Love Tiles and Margres stand out in the only international architecture summit


Love Tiles and Margres stand out in the only international architecture summit

The initiative is three years old and marked the agenda of national architecture conferences. Margres and Love Tiles travelled again to Lisbon to join as main sponsors, and for the third consecutive year, the Archi Summit 2017. The initiative was held on June 6th and 7th, at the Pavilion of Portugal, under the famous roof extension projected by architect Siza Vieira.
Archi Summit keeps for itself the fame of its venue, always irreverent and peculiar. If in the first year the participants attended the conferences in the Auto Silo, in the second year of the event they were invited to enter the old Porto industrial slaughterhouse. In July 2017, the surprise came with the transference from Porto to the sunny city of Lisbon and close to the incomparable roof extension, with a construction that makes it so unique, different and worthy of being duly contemplated.
It was a huge challenge but Margres and Love Tiles accepted it! Inspired in such a personal design of the old city street art, Alfama and Mouraria boroughs, of bohemian night, the art of Portuguese stone pavements, of the avant-garde architecture and ceramic, they brought contrasting, uncommitted elements and the innovation of the sandstone blade application told in pieces of the Lisbon history.
The spaces were, once again, a good reason for a visit from the participants, architects and guest speakers. Urban art, spread out throughout the space, swiftly changed the notion of the conventional application of ceramic.
A wall with a school of 400 sardines, ready to be receive an intervention from the participants, was coloured during the two days event. A caricaturist brought the most comic characteristic of each and drew more than 150 caricatures on sandstone blade sheets. And a graffiti artist recollected about the urban, contemporary and avant-garde side on a coloured wall of more than 10 metres.
Because at Margres and at Love Tiles we want memorable moments. More than yesterday and more than today.


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