Stark, Love Tiles newest collection


Stark, Love Tiles newest collection

Stark’s starting point was the search for a peaceful, ethereal environment and an inevitable connection to nature. Stark is ready to transform the moment we get home to find an environment that perfectly portrays natural stone. Smooth and visually even, this collection carries the dimension of the tranquility of spaces and can absorb the best of the natural world.

From neutral bases, it combines admirably with the volume of the decorations, bringing environments closer to the feeling of coziness. The very soft colour range - White, Beige, Grey and Greige - is punctuated by notes of versatility for those looking for a space with bolder elements through the reactive paints present in some decorations.

AInspired by geometric elements, the Split and Lining structures seek to give the surface some movement through their graphics.
Another important aspect is the availability of this collection in the 45x120 format, one of the largest once fired white paste wall tiles on the market, as it helps to better understand the graphic details of the pieces.

The collection is also available in 35x100 and 35x70 for wall tiles and 60x60 for floor tiles. These wall tiles and the matching floor tiles help to create a more balanced and united graphic space.
Stark is the slowing down of the hustle and bustle of daily life.


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